Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teacher Suspended For Showing Magnotta Body-Parts Video To Students

A teacher from the Montreal area as been suspended for showing his grade 10 class of students the Magnotta Body-parts murder video.

He said that he fast-forwarded the most horrific parts of the video. Are you KIDDING me?!?!?! Who in their right mind would show this sick stuff to a bunch of teens? What did they learn from this?

The only lesson gotten from this whole thing is the fact that some humans(I will use that term loosely in this situation) are sick, evil, and disturbed. The fact that this guy sent some of the body parts to schools makes showing this video even more disturbing.

What was he thinking? These kids had no idea what they were consenting to when they voted as to who wanted to watch the video vs. who did not. HE was the adult in a room bunch of kids. He should've used better judgement.

These kids will probably have nightmares for a long time to come because of this stupid mistake made by someone in charge. Can you imagine having to process that this event really happened? Would you be able to erase those grotesque images of a body being dismembered? An horror movie is one thing but a true-life horrific event is totally another.

If it were my kid in this classroom I would be livid beyond measure. This was wrong on so many levels. The teacher is being suspended WITH pay??? I'm thinking he deserves just a little more than that for such an error in judgement.

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