Friday, February 1, 2013

Groundhog Day is February 2nd, 2013(Tomorrow!)

I am so done with Winter this year and hoping that the little critter peeks outside his borrow, does not see a single inch of that shadow of his and decides to come out and play.

Dont get me wrong. I love Winter and the whole sledding, ice-skating events that go along with it. Not to mention hot chocolate with my girlies after a day of building snowmen and snowball fights.

However, there comes a time when I want to rip out our Spring Clothing. Everything looks so pretty after a fresh rain. The muddy boots on my new mat I can live without.

Afterall, if we get an early Spring this year that makes up one step closer to Summer. My ultimate favourite time of the year. I always tell my husband that I would so fit in in a place like Florida. I adore the sun and those lazy hot days. That Vitamin D really does it for me.

Sooooooo, put in your votes people.

Should Wiarton Willie See His Shadow Or Not.

For those in Nova Scotia it would be Shubenacadie Sam

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